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Why Buy Olive Oil Online?


It is a proven fact that in just eight hours of close exposure to strong fluorescent lights, a bottle of olive oil packed in a clear glass bottle will be totally destroyed having lost its color, flavors and aromas. While oil packed in a dark glass bottle offers considerably better protection, it too becomes vulnerable when exposed to strong light and can be completely destroyed in less than a week, which makes purchasing olive oil in a supermarket a less than desirable prospect. Beyond that, the vast majority of the oils sold in the USA have inadequate or even misleading labels. The consumer is given little to no information as to where the oil was actually produced or from what variety of olives it was made with, but most importantly, WHEN the oil was harvested.


How Long Will Olive Oil Last After The Harvest Date?


Olive oil is a natural product that does lose its flavors and aromas over time. However, when properly stored, unopened in a cool, dark place, olive oil can maintain its freshness for 2 years or even more depending on the variety of olive. Oil varieties with a higher polyphenol count will maintain its flavors and aromas for a longer period of time than those with a lower polyphenol count. Olive Oil 4 Life understands the critical factors in storing olive oil to maintain its optimal freshness. All of our oils are stored in a well-maintained, dark, temperature controlled facility and will have maintained much of their fruity aromas and flavors even from a previous harvest.


When is Olive Oil Considered Past its Prime?


When an oil is properly stored unopened under optimal conditions it will last for quite some time. Heat and light are the two biggest enemies of a good olive oil. When exposed to these factors over a period of time, such as when an oil sits on a supermarket shelf for too long, an oil loses its fruity qualities becoming void of flavor and will taste flat or even rancid, especially if it was a lower quality oil to begin with.