Brand name: Colli Etruschi ORGANIC IO extra virgin olive oil

Average altitude: 280 to 350  metres above sea level.

Production zone: the hills of Blera and  Maremma Laziale

Cultivar varieties: CANINESE

Harvest time: 15 st October -  15 th November.

Appearance: Clear and filtered - Density: medium fluidity - Colour: deep green

Aroma: medium fruity, clear scent of freshly harvested, green olives; with notes of rubbed artichoke leaves


Ideal with salads and grilled/steamed vegetables. Also for raw vegetable starters and bean salads, excellent with soups and grilled fish, chicken or meat dishes. It is ideal accompaniment to medium mature cheese. Excellent with plain rice and pasta. Olive oil used raw is best.

COLLI ETRUSCHI IO - 16.9 FL OZ (500ml)

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