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Brand name: MIDDEI INTENSO extra virgin olive oil

Average altitude: 280 to 350 meters above sea level.

Production zone: the hills of Blera and Maremma Laziale

Cultivar varieties: 80% Caninese, 20% Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino

Low Acidity - High Polyphenols

Harvest Time: 15th October - 30th November

Appearance: Clear and filtered

Density: Medium fluidity

Color: Green

Aroma: Intense fruitiness, notable notes of freshly cut grass and almonds



Ideal with salads and grilled/steamed vegetables. Also, for raw vegetable starters and bean salads, excellent with soups and grilled fish, chicken or meat dishes. It is an ideal accompaniment to medium mature cheese. Excellent with plain rice and pasta. Olive oil used raw is best.

MIDDEI - Intenso


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