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Brand name: MIDDEI DELICATO extra virgin olive oil

Average altitude: 280 to 350 meters above sea level.

Production zone: the hills of Blera and Maremma Laziale

Cultivar varieties: 50% Caninese, 50% Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino

Low Acidity - High Polyphenols

Harvest time: 15th October - 15th November

Appearance: Clear and filtered

Density: Medium fluidity

Color: green

Aroma: light and balanced fruitness, notable notes of freshly cut grass, with hints of artichoke and almond



Ideal raw on any type of vegetable. Also ideal on a vegetable soup, the heat will release all the extraordinary aromas of this extra virgin. Excellent with rice and pasta.

MIDDEI - Delicato


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